For Buyers


Zero complexity.

Defer payment on seller spend.

Levantor knows supplier payment terms have a major impact on your cash flow, profit margins and returns on capital. Levantor makes it simple to trade on payment terms that work for you and for your Sellers: brief documentation, fast implementation and a simple workflow aligned to your procure-to-pay process.

Sales Finance Zero Complaxity


Use as required to achieve your goals.

Use it to take advantage of Seller early payment discounts, to finance inventory during peak sales periods or to hit cashflow targets. Levantor’s solutions give you the flexibility you need to optimise revenue, profit margins and return on capital employed.

Sales Finance Flexibility

Move the needle.

Large scale capacity.

The Levantor platform accesses a deep pool of credit from a large panel of the world’s leading banks and institutional investors. Over $14,000,000,000 in invoice payments have been deferred via Levantor to date.

Sales Finance Capacity