Who is Levantor?


A company that connects capital to where it’s needed. Levantor’s people are senior bankers, drawn from the world’s top trade, corporate and investment banks, and industry veterans with strong risk and commercial finance experience.

Our purpose is to make it easy:

  • For financial institutions to source the assets they want and
  • For commercial suppliers and buyers to trade on the payment terms each needs

We make it easy with simple, straightforward structures; complete transparency; and partnerships with strong, highly rated banks who settle each transaction safely and securely.

How does Levantor Sales Finance work?


Companies have the option to defer payment on their key suppliers’ invoices. Sales Finance is not factoring. It is a simple, parallel arrangement, typically documented via a bill of exchange.

Suppliers are paid when originally due (or earlier) and buyers hold onto their cash until they have collected from their own customers. It is extremely simple for both supplier and buyer:

  • No change to underlying commercial contract or invoice
  • No factoring or assignment of invoices
  • No security is required from the buyer
  • No more than a few pages of documentation
  • Fully flexible. Buyers decide which invoice payments to defer
  • Simple to use
  • Fully digital

Levantor sources capital from a panel of 20+ banks and major asset managers, like Credit Agricole, Bank of China, NatWest and Allianz. Our model is fully transparent, with the names of participating funders disclosed to the corporate suppliers and buyers.

For funders, Levantor makes it easy to choose which flows to fund. Elavon Financial Services, a AA- rated bank subsidiary of US Bank, is solely responsible for settling each transaction, offering funders safe, secure access to the assets they want.

Is Levantor the right solution for my company?


For your company’s procurement, Levantor makes it easy to defer payment on supplier invoices, adding value where:

  • Suppliers’ payment terms are too short. For example, suppliers based in China often require payment on delivery (i.e., zero terms). Sales Finance enables you to defer payment, for example by 90 days
  • Your working capital is increasing, leading to less headroom on your existing sources of liquidity. This could be because your volumes are growing or, especially these days, prices of the goods your procure are increasing. Sales Finance is an easy-to-access, incremental source of cash to enable you to pay suppliers before you collect from customers.
  • Suppliers offer attractive discounts. These could be early payment discounts, volume discounts or ad-hoc discounts such as end-of-quarter discounts. Sales Finance ensures you have the capacity to maximise the discounts you can obtain from suppliers.

For your company’s sales, Levantor is an enablement tool, adding value where:

  • Your buyers are seeking longer payment terms. This could be for regularly recurring sales, project-related sales or period-end sales. Sales Finance makes it easy to give your customers the flexibility to defer payment by anywhere from a few weeks to a few years.
  • Your sales potential exceeds your customer credit appetite. Via Sales Finance, you are simply paid in full with no recourse, clearing the credit limits you have for customers and enabling more sales. If your customers fail to pay on the deferred due date, you have no obligation or liability to pay.
  • You sell “as a service". Levantor’s innovative solutions can help you manage your cashflow and risk exposure in order to enable your customers to pay monthly or quarterly over time.