FIMBank and Levantor Capital Strike Cooperation Agreement

FIMBank and Levantor Capital are delighted to announce their growing collaboration in the sales finance space. Being one of Levantor’s funding partners, FIMBank helps fund the transactions that it originates. The Bank offers liquidity for purchase factoring and supply chain finance deals for Levantor.

FIMBank is a premier Bank in the SME space, lending to many clients for their daily working capital and trade needs. The Bank has established itself in the trade market based on its deep understanding of credit and expertise. Levantor Capital, a fintech based in London and Geneva, has a track record of originating high quality credit flows between reputed buyers and sellers, helping to augment working capital liquidity. Levantor has grown exponentially since it was founded in 2014 and has recently established a team in the United States to add to its existing presence in Europe and the Middle East.

‘‘We are impressed by the Levantor team and their deep understanding of the trade industry and structuring skills. Helpful for FIMBank are the new flows that Levantor originate for us, knowing well our credit requirements’’ said Kamel Moris, Chief Commercial Officer at FIMBank.

‘‘It has been a great experience working with FIMBank” stated Dave Frye, CEO of Levantor.

“Trade is in their DNA and we are delighted with the speed of decision making. Post COVID, as the world starts to open up, there is a plethora of opportunities across technology, IT, auto, pharmaceuticals and food segments and we look forward to working even more closely with FIMBank to meet the needs of the market’’ said Mike Humphreys, Chairman of Levantor.

About Levantor

Levantor provides simple, scalable working capital to customers of global manufacturers to substantially increase their sales by providing payment terms that work for both parties. To date teams in the UK, Switzerland and the USA have managed financing worth in excess of $10 billion due to their innovative offering and large panel of banks and asset managers, amongst which Credit Agricole, Bank of China, FimBank, NatWest and Allianz Global Investors. Levantor has provided financing valued at over $3.7bn via their market-leading electronically signed negotiable instruments. Join some of the largest, most well-known companies and institutions in the world already using Levantor’s platform to grow revenue and increase returns.

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