About Us

Levantor Capital is a Fintech that offers simple, flexible financing for buyers worldwide. We pay
the supplier when due on the buyer’s behalf. The buyer repays us later, allowing it to finance
inventory, if necessary, and payment terms offered to its customers.

Our Solution

We make it easy. With Levantor, buyers can quickly access affordable working capital for
purchases from their key vendors. Our advanced platform is easy to use, making the process
fast and efficient.

The Levantor Advantage

For Buyers, Levantor is an easy-to- access source of incremental working capital. Unlike bank
financing, we require no collateral, no bank account opening and no changes to existing
collection processes with your customers.
For suppliers, Levantor enables sales by giving buyers the deferred payment options they need.
Levantor is not factoring. Suppliers are simply paid when due: there is no change to commercial
trading terms, no financing contract to sign, no credit risk or working capital added to the
supplier’s balance sheet.

Global Financing

We can offer financing around the world. Our solutions thrive with cross-border flows and can be
applied to multiple buyer locations.


For more information about any of our services, call us at +4420 7194 8448, or email info@levantor.com